How to Write a Blog Post or Article for Increased Business Exposure

The biggest obstacle many internet entrepreneurs face is how to write a blog post or an article for a website; how to come up with fresh content on a regular basis. An updated blog or website will give your business more exposure, in addition to paid advertising and social media.

Without good, fresh content, your blog/website won’t gain those necessary backlinks needed in order to increase your search rankings.

So what do many people do? They outsource the writing of their content. They pay someone else to write their posts or they pay for already written content that they can use on their blog and website without violating any copyrights.

The main problem with these strategies is that it’s hard to find good writers, especially for a low price. Most of these writers are from other countries where English isn’t their first language. The quality isn’t very good.

Also, if you buy what is called PLR (private label rights) articles to post on your blog/website, there might be hundreds of other people posting the exact same article on their blogs and websites too. This can affect your search rankings.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional writer to write a blog post or article. Writing good quality content is a skill that anyone can develop over time.

Here are 4 tips that can help you dramatically improve your writing skills:

#1 Make a List of the Topics That You’ll Cover

Before you start writing your article, you should make a list of the main topics, tips, or ideas that you want to discuss. Use this list to create your subheaders.

This same rule applies whether you’re writing a blog post, website copy, a product review, or sales copy. For example, with sales copy, you’d make a list of the features that you want to discuss. These would then become individual paragraphs with their own subheader.

The subheaders break up the content and make it easier to read. This also helps you stay on track and remain focused on the initial purpose of your content.

#2 Present the Main Problem at the Beginning of Your Content

Always start your content with the main problem that you’re about to address. For example, at the beginning of this article, I mentioned that the biggest obstacle is generating fresh content. These tips help you learn how to overcome this problem by creating your own content.

Address the problem early, possibly identify a few pain points of your readers, and then mention how this article will help solve the problem.

That is the overall structure of your opening paragraphs. You’re getting the reader’s attention by identifying a problem and then you’re telling them how you’ll solve it.

#3 Use Short Paragraphs to Improve Readability

There are several factors that determine readability. First, you need to think about the structure of your content. As mentioned, including subheaders can help break up the content. Adding images and graphics can also help with this.

But, there are a few other ways to improve readability and they all have to do with your writing. You need to use short words, sentences, and paragraphs. Though, the paragraphs are the biggest concern.

Typically, you will want an average paragraph length of 2 to 3 sentences. Preferably, the sentence length should be less than 12 words. You can also replace long words with shorter synonyms.

Don’t make the mistake of over-explaining a topic. By using short paragraphs, you’ll find it easier to remain focused on the main points that you want to address.

#4 Don’t Edit Your Content Until You’re Done Writing

Hold off on editing your content until you’ve finished your initial draft. If you start editing as you write, you’ll find that it takes much longer to finish writing.

After you’ve finished writing, remember to proofread. Use the spell checker in your word processor and then read the entire content line by line. This will help you catch any grammatical errors that weren’t found by the spell checker.

You now have a few tips that show you how to write a blog post or article. It’s not difficult, but it will require practice. Along with these suggestions, you can get even more powerful internet marketing tips, and a solution for gaining conversion-ready prospects each month, by clicking here to learn about my done-for-you system.