Personal Habits of Successful People

Some of your personal habits determine whether you will be successful or not. If you want success in your life and business, then it’s important to incorporate the personal habits of successful people. It takes 21-30 days to form a new habit. The best way to make these habits permanent is to practice one habit…

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These 7 Mental Blocks Will Stop Your Success

mental blocks

Mental blocks, more than anything else, can stop you from achieving success in your business and personal life. These blocks can form at a very young age with criticism from family, friends, teachers and even strangers, and they become a reality for you as you grow older. Because of this, you limit your own success…

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Don’t Let Excuses Derail Your Success

Most people fail to achieve their goals or dreams because they come up with excuses that make it seem like it’s impossible to accomplish anything. Excuses are nothing more than ways to justify a person’s fear of failure, fear of success or just being lazy. If you want success in your own business and in…

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I am Depressed. What Should I Do?

i am depressed

“I am depressed”. You ever find yourself thinking or saying this?  Are you thinking this more often lately?  I was depressed for years and it was a living hell for the first 20 years of my adult life. You know what depression feels like. It’s like you’re trapped in a cold, dark cell. You can…

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How To Be Happy In Life


The great philosopher Aristotle had a lot to say about how to be happy in life. He used a different word for happiness that I can’t pronounce, eudaimonia. The word basically means having a contented state of health, happiness and prosperity. Below are some of the ways Aristotle’s thinking can help you lead a fuller…

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How to Overcome Shyness and Have an Active Social Life


In this article, we will deal with how to overcome shyness. There will be more articles dealing with shyness in the future. This one is specifically about having a more active social life. (Social Anxiety is different from general shyness and therefore is more serious, and will be dealt with at a later time.) If…

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How to Handle Constructive Criticism Without Being Offended


Let’s face it. No one likes to hear criticism from others. We usually view the criticism as being negative and judgmental. Who wants to hear that mess? Sure, there are some people who want to make you feel bad and judge you in order to cover up for their own insecurities. But there are other,…

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How to Overcome Your Lack of Self-Confidence

lack of confidence

If you’re having problems with a lack of self-confidence, the strategies below will help you to embrace your strengths in order to boost your confidence: Having challenges with self-confidence can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to ruin your ability to go after great opportunities. In fact, by embracing your primary strengths, you can develop…

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Get Off Your Butt and Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating. We all do it. And we hate doing it. We know we have to get certain things done, but we put it off until the very last moment anyway. Why? It’s simple really. We’re afraid of what might happen if we take action. You want to lose weight but you fear you’re going to…

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How the Decision Making Process Affects Your Success

If you have a difficult time trying to make decisions and sticking with them, then you should keep reading. There are many people who have a tough time when it comes to the decision making process in order to achieve their goals, start a new relationship, start a business, apply for a job, etc. They…

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