How to Deal With Unsupportive Friends and Family

how to deal with unsupportive friends and family

So, you want to start an online business. You’ve been dreaming about making money online for some time now, and you’re ready to take the plunge and go for it.

But you don’t know how to deal with unsupportive friends and family.

No matter what online business opportunity you join, you’re going to face the same challenge. Dealing with unsupportive friends and family.

You see, the people in your life may not understand what it is you’re trying to do. They have a completely different worldview from you when it comes to money.

Most people think that you need to be talented, born rich, or some type of anomaly to make money outside of a job.

They think that working a job (or several jobs) for 40 years and retiring with barely any money from social security and “hopefully” a 401K is the ONLY way to make money in this world.

It’s really not their fault that they think this way.

We all have been made to think this way from grade school on up through college. Years ago, our parents or grandparents (depending on how old you are) could save money on one income and not retire in destitution.

But things have changed.

Your parents or grandparents had a guaranteed pension waiting for them when they retired. They could stay at one job for 40 years and not worry about being laid off.

They didn’t have to worry about losing all their savings in a 401K that was invested in the stock market. They didn’t have massive amounts of debt to pay off.

Today, workers can wake up one morning, go to their jobs, and find out that the plant they worked at for years has shut their doors and moved their jobs overseas.

Or they go into the office one day, do their work and then get called into a meeting at 3:00pm where management lets them know they’re all being laid off that day.

The point is, that what worked 40 years ago doesn’t work today.

And you realize this because you’re looking for a way to make money in your own online business instead of depending on a job that could be gone tomorrow.

But some of your friends and family still have that 40-year-old mentality. They tell you to stop dreaming, it’s never going to happen, they’re all scams, you’re wasting your money and time, people like us will never get rich.

Have you heard any of that before?

Here’s what a lot of people do when they start working in their own online business:

They don’t talk to their friends and family about what they’re doing.

They just keep quiet, do their work and the people in their lives don’t even have a clue that the person they know is running an online business.

This can be more difficult to do if you’re married. Your spouse will eventually find out. But if you’re dealing with an unsupportive spouse, the best thing to do is let them know that you’re starting this business to create a better future for the both of you and your kids (if you have any).

Your spouse might not still be supportive, but you just need to ignore that and keep working on your business. Once you start having some success, your spouse might start coming around and start to encourage you.

Just keep working your business system, keep doing the income-producing activities every single day, keep grinding. Ignore the haters and the naysayers and keep working it until you succeed.

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