What Is Your Definition of Success?

Success can mean different things to many people. Someone might think being a multi-millionaire is what it means to be successful. Another person might think that having a good job that provides for their needs and some wants along with having a family and a few close friends is success.

Owning my own business and spending time with close friends and family is success to me.  This is my definition that pertains to my life only. Your definition can be completely different.

The Rich Life

In our society, we are so used to seeing images of people wearing expensive designer outfits, living in big houses and driving the latest Mercedes S Class as the definition of success. But there are normal, everyday people around us who don’t live this lifestyle but are very content and happy with their lives.

There are celebrities and other rich people out there who are just absolutely miserable. They have all the money they will ever need or want. They have people willing to wait on them hand and foot. They can do whatever they want. But yet, they are not happy. Their relationships with friends and love partners are a mess.

Whatever your definition is, it depends on the actions we take and whether we do the best we can to reach the goals we set for ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we achieve those particular goals right away. What matters is that we do our best, learn from mistakes and enjoy the process along the way.


Based on your definition, you have to decide what sacrifices you are willing to make in order to achieve your goals. Are you willing to give up time with your loved ones in order to get ahead in your career? Are you willing to destroy your credit in order to look like you have money by buying that car you can’t really afford or buying that big house you know you have no business taking a mortgage out on?

Or are you willing to make smart sacrifices now like saving for retirement, saving to start your own business, having a career that doesn’t interfere with time with your family? What’s more important to you? Keeping up with the Jones’s who really don’t exist or living a more fulfilling life where your happiness comes from within, not on material possessions?

I’m not saying that you should never strive to be rich and have nice things. Hey, I want those things too. But your happiness and success doesn’t have to be defined by that. Figure out what it is you really want. What do you think these material possessions and money will really give you? Why do you want these things? Once you’re able to answer those questions, then you will know for sure what really drives you and what you really want besides the money and possessions.

Self Improvement Success

When it comes to self improvement, success in this area isn’t defined by achievement, but by progress. Sometimes you don’t achieve your goals at first. But the progress you make will greatly improve your life. The obstacles and setbacks are just learning opportunities that will help point you in the right direction to go in order to keep moving forward on your goals.

On this blog, I will talk about different ways to improve your life in areas of your career, relationships, business and family. Personal development in these areas will help you get closer to achieving the success you have defined for yourself.