Increase Your Personal Efficiency

We all have 24 hours each day. Those that use their 24 hours most effectively have the most successful careers, the cleanest homes, and the happiest families. Are you using your time as effectively as possible? Consider how you could use your time more wisely and get more accomplished. Efficiency at Work Being more efficient…

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How to Develop New Friendships

develop new friendships

No matter what age you are, having good friends makes life fun and meaningful. Your friends are also there to support you and give you advice. But sometimes as adults, we may find it harder to develop new friendships than when we were kids. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle for you. If…

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Living on Purpose With a Life Mission Statement

living on purpose

Do you have a life mission statement? Are you living on purpose? If not, then it’s time to craft your own mission statement that will will make your life easier and more fulfilling. Creating a mission statement requires you to know what are your strengths, interests and values. You simply have to ask yourself, “Am…

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Discover the Benefits of Solitude


Today’s world with social media, TV and other activities demanding our attention, we need to remind ourselves to take some time out of our day for some solitude.  Solitude gives you time away from daily interruptions created by others. It’s good for you to spend some time alone (not lonely). There are many benefits of…

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7 Cures for Procrastination


We all procrastinate. But some of us are really bad at putting things off until it’s either too late or time is almost up. I’m terrible at procrastinating too. But the people who overcome procrastination are more successful and more productive. Not putting things off and getting them done in a timely manner is a…

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How to Make Life Easier and More Fulfilling

how to make life easier

While working on your internet business and not seeing the results you want yet, you may feel like your life is filled with nothing but challenges. You may even feel like the other areas of your life are unfulfilling. You can change these feelings and turn your life around by doing things that will support…

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14 Ways to Enhance Yourself

enhance yourself

Although this site is about improving your business mindset, it’s also about improving yourself personally. You can always be healthier, more capable and more knowledgeable in your every day life. Self-improvement is a life-long process and it is time wisely spent. It will also help you in your business life. Enhance Yourself and Live a…

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Why It Is Important For You To Be Wealthy

be wealthy

Everyone has their own opinion about being wealthy. We are either pursuing wealth by trying to get rich quick or playing the lottery, or we try to convince ourselves that money isn’t important or it’s evil. Money may not be everything, but I’d rather have a lot of it than be without it or just…

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What Is Your Personal Mission Statement?

Personal mission statements guide you towards your goals. If you sometimes feel like you’re floundering, chart your course by putting your purpose into writing. Try these suggestions for applying personal mission statements to your professional and personal life. Understanding the Basics of a Personal Mission Statement 1. Perform an inventory. Your personal mission statement encompasses…

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How Does the Law of Cause and Effect Really Impact Your Life?

Many self-help gurus believe your thoughts alone are sufficient to bring about meaningful change in your life. Some even believe the universe can deliver your wishes to your front door if you merely ask in the proper manner. Maybe this is true, maybe not. But there is one law in the universe that works very…

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