Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs and Attract Abundance

negative beliefs

Your beliefs determine how you see the world and the experiences you have. Many negative beliefs are wrong.  But you treat them as facts because you formed them at a young age. You learned negative beliefs from family members, friends, other adult authority figures like teachers and coaches and from negative experiences. Your negative beliefs…

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What Is Your Personal Mission Statement?

Personal mission statements guide you towards your goals. If you sometimes feel like you’re floundering, chart your course by putting your purpose into writing. Try these suggestions for applying personal mission statements to your professional and personal life. Understanding the Basics of a Personal Mission Statement 1. Perform an inventory. Your personal mission statement encompasses…

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I am Depressed. What Should I Do?

i am depressed

“I am depressed”. You ever find yourself thinking or saying this?  Are you thinking this more often lately?  I was depressed for years and it was a living hell for the first 20 years of my adult life. You know what depression feels like. It’s like you’re trapped in a cold, dark cell. You can…

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How To Be Happy In Life


The great philosopher Aristotle had a lot to say about how to be happy in life. He used a different word for happiness that I can’t pronounce, eudaimonia. The word basically means having a contented state of health, happiness and prosperity. Below are some of the ways Aristotle’s thinking can help you lead a fuller…

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