Hi! My name is Michelle Roebuck.

Powered Up Success was started because I wanted a place to write about achieving my goals and creating my own lifestyle business.

Also, my mindset over the past years was not the best. I had a very negative attitude about life and success in general. I felt like failure just followed me around and whenever I tried to better myself, it would jump in front of me and keep me from being successful.

Now I realize that changing my mindset is one of the missing elements when it comes to having a successful life.

As I go on this journey of improving my life, I want to help people like you who have also been struggling with trying to be successful in creating their own internet businesses.  As I learn tips and strategies that help me change my mindset and be successful in business, I’ll pass them on to you so you can FINALLY have success as well.

Both of us are on this journey of going for our goals and trying to create our own lifestyle businesses. Come along with me on this journey by reading, commenting and sharing the information you find here on Powered Up Success.

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You can also contact me at http://poweredupsuccess.com/contact/. I would love to hear from you!